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Our gourmet Kurobuta pork chops are made from 100% Berkshire pigs for a signature deep color and a juicy, smoky flavor that will surprise and delight. These chops won Cooks Illustrated’s Premium (High-End) Pork taste test and were awarded the “Highly Recommended” designation.


What is a Berkshire pork chop, you ask? These juicy, flavorful chops are finely marbled cuts made from purebred Berkshire pigs, a Japanese heritage breed well-known for its rich taste, soft fat and exceptional marbling, which results in some of the most tender and juicy pork chops imaginable. Try a bone-in or boneless Kurobuta pork chop from Snake River Farms, including our popular porterhouse and Frenched pork chops that pile on the flavor.

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